Angle Board

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Angle board offered by us ae manufactured using multiple layers of paperboard that are laminated with glue & formed into a rigid right angle. This provides exceptional strength for load stability as well as for packaging protection. Manufactured on made-to-order basis, we can offer Angle boards in a variety of lengths, leg-sizes & thicknesses.



Unitizing: Used in conjunction with strapping or stretch film, it helps in creating a tight, secure shipping cube for containing load and preventing damage from shifting during shipping & handling.


Angle board Benefits:


  • More products can be packaged per pallet, reducing handling & shipping costs
  • Minimizing load damages, thus improving customer satisfaction
  • Minimizes pilferage due to better load unitization
  • Facilitates higher applied tension for superior load stability
  • Reduces indentation caused by strapping
  • As a sturdy package component, it helps absorb impacts at all load corners (including vertical corners)
  • Reduces product damage incurred during shipping, handling & storage
  • Improves profits by reducing customer rejection rates
  • Stacking Strength:
    • Angle board vertically reinforces loads, enabling them to be stacked higher for maximum utilization of warehouse space
  • Strap Protection:
    • Strapping, applied at maximum tension, improves load stability but subjects the load to possible crushing at corners. Angle board provides buffer between load & strapping to permit high tension without damages.
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