Cord Straps

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What is Cord Strap?

Many companies have created such outstanding products that their brand name became a standard name for their industry. Brands like Band-Aid, Q-tips, and Scotch Tape are registered trademarks made by Johnson and Johnson, Unilever, and 3M. These brands have been turned into what is called a generalized trademark (a generic description), that stands for a particular quality of a product or service.
Cordstrap, like Band-Aid, Q-tips and Scotch Take has become a generalized trademark that stands for superior quality, service and innovation. Cordstrap® is a registered trademark and is NOT synonymous with just any polyester strap. Since the registered trademarks, Cordstrap® and Cordlash® can not be used by other manufacturers of synthetic strapping, Cord Strap, Cordstrapping and Cord Strapping are now used extensively as generic terms by many manufacturers and distributors of the following non metallic strapping types

How does Cord Strap work?

Cord Strap is joined together using a metal wire buckle. This buckle is used with any of the above mentioned type of straps. This type of joint creates a high efficiency and provides an increased overall strength in the system use of the strapping. However, the overall system strength varies greatly between manufacturers, depending on the quality, design and finish of the buckles used. Some manufacturers promote the use of other joints like flat metal seals. Since this by definition results in lower and inconsistent joint efficiencies, Cordstrap will only advise the use of the correct type of steel wire buckles.

Cord Strap, or cordstrapping, can be used for following applications:

  • Bundling
  • Palletizing
  • Unitizing
  • Containerization
  • Intermodal Loads
  • Reinforcing
  • Carton/Crate Closing
  • Deck Lashings
  • Railcar Loading
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